The maintenance of a cargo bike is like a normal bike’s one: you can do it by yourself or ask to your trusted mechanic.

TrikeGo is an high quality cargo bike, designed, since the beginning, with an easy and intuitive structure, following guidelines which guarantee low maintenance cost and availability of spare parts.

Industrial products are made to gain maximum profit with minimal expense, this means makig compromises designing and choosing materials.

TrikeGo is built from our specific intructions.

Materials are specifically chosen and high quality.

Everything is made in italy, from frame to tires, in favor of your legs, which are going to appreciate smoothness and weight.

Our cargo bike are checked one by one, which is impossible inside industrial production, that only make spot checks.

The average weight of our cargo bike is aproximately 35 kg, without the box (about 15 kg fewer than the ones made with same materials but imported by china).

It can carry up to 150 kg (static load) + the driver.

The only limits are your legs, there are no limits imposed by the law, but remember: if you don’t use some common sense and provoke some damage, you’ll be responsible. so if you’re carrying more than 100 kg, be careful during downhill, be sure that the cargo is perfectly tied and consider the stopping distance.

On a cargo bike can be placed two benches with 4 seat belts, of course you have to consider the total weight (it can carry up to 100 kg).

Carrying kids on a cargo bike is almost like carrying them on a bike: you have to follow safety regulations and common sense (helmet, seat belts).

Yes, if the road isn’t too bumpy.

If you’re thinking about using it for many uphills roads, you’re going to love our mid pedal cargo bike.

Also, if you have to deal with demanding route everyday, it is possible to install a 34 tooth chainring instead of the 42 one and a ultra-low gearing (mega range) to seven speed (cassette sprocket sunrace mfm4s 7v 13-34).

Of course: every TrikeGo cargo bike which come out from our laboratory is totally assembled and road tested.

The only parts that we remove after the road teast are pedals and headlights to ease the packaging and the transportation.

You are going to find them in the package and you can easily place them by yourselve.

110 € within italy, european shipment depends on destination country, usually is about 180€. contact us for any information.

The warrantee time is 2 years by law (eu).

Warranty doesn’t cover for wear and tear of parts (brake, tires..) and damage caused by misuse.

Of course.

Usually is the safest way (and more confortable for them) to carry them for small trips: they are more stable than inside cars and they can breath better.

Box is made to make safe and pleasent carrying animals.

A ring can be added at the base to attach the leash so the animals won’t jump out of the box.

They are going to be very happy to travel with you!

Everyday we make custom box for our cargo bike. we can customize the graphic for every company (small breweries, libraries, shops, ice cream parlours..).

We can use your project or design and made a new graphic based on your logo. Contact us for more information!

Regarding materials: we usually stamp on vinyl film or forex sheet, which better resist against bad weather or sun (they are detachable, so you can renew your personalization every year).

Sheets can also be laminated to guarantee a longer life.