Cargo bike

cargo bike

Cargo Bike

TrikeGo is a cargo bike, a tricycle produced and assembled entirely in Italy, built with quality materials on which high class mechanisms and accessories are mounted.The whole process of production is made up by local artisans: drawing, chassis welding, painting, mechanics assembly and technical supervision are handled in every detail to guarantee its durability and longevity.

TrikeGo is assembled at our workshops (we are not importers / traders), where every TrikeGo is controlled in detail, from birth to final road test.

Cargo Bike TrikeGo without Box

Cargo Bike senza Box
  • Sturdy and safe

    The TrikeGo cargo bike is suitable for any customization. From street food to carry / children / people / animals, it offers a simple and sturdy basis on which to build your projects and imagine your sustainable mobility.

  • Customization

    Its structure allows you to buy the TrikeGo cargo bike even without box if you prefer to make it yourself or make it by a carpenter of your trust. It is possible to paint the frame almost of any color, including a combination of colors between the parts (front frame, rear frame, handlebar, side bands).

  • Maintenance

    Structural simplicity allows easy and economical maintenance.

Cargo Bike TrikeGo with Box

Cargo Bike con Box
  • How it is done

    The box can be realized both in wood (plywood fir or pine or birch) than in inorganic materials (aluminum, Dibond, Dilite), depending on the user’s needs and taste.

  • Why in the front?

    The decision to produce a cargo bike with front box is due to the fact that this solution allows you to always have goods and passengers under control.

  • Customizable

    The box can be customized with graphics and logos according to customer requirements.

Electric Cargo Bike

Cargo bike a Pedalata Assistita
  • Why electric assisted?

    The TrikeGo cargo bike can be equipped with a 250Watt electric motor (according to European regulations) in the bottom bracket, making it suitable even for the most demanding tasks and intensive use (street-food / pedal-carriers) or for climbing to full load.

  • What kind of engine is

    TrikeGo means quality, even when choosing the engine. We have definitively adopted the Cyclotek’s “XFC Pro” engine – positioned in the bottom bracket (pedals), small and quiet – with 10.4 Ah / 36V battery – with torque system, which makes it ideal for energy efficiency and savings . One of the best products on the European market for value for money.

  • How does it work?

    The engine has a 80 km autonomy (tour mode) with a digital pad and a handlebar control to start it and increase or decrease the level of assistance. Charging is done via household socket (220V). The ion-lithium battery also allows partial charge. The total charging occurs in only 5 hours.